July 2, 2018

{ miette }

Miette is the French word for "crumb,"
and one of San Francisco's most revered pastry shops.
It is a feast for the eyes and taste buds,
with one of the best macarons I have tried.
In just under ten years, the bakery has grown to
now include three very successful retail locations in 
the city also known as the "Paris of the West". 

Sweets on milk glass stands and celery green tables.

Glass jars filled with the most amazing macarons. Made from coarsely-ground almonds and filled with buttercream or ganache. {They have a macaron happy hour, where you can buy them up at $1 a piece}

A Rose Vanilla favorite, the marshmallows in the most darling packaging.

Polka dotted bags filled with cookies.

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