June 18, 2018

hydrangea wreath cake

{ blue }

I wish I could decorate all the cakes with hydrangeas.

June 17, 2018


Everything looks better in pink,
especially if it is flowers on a
yummy cake.
All I can think of is, "country style wedding" .

June 14, 2018

blue hydrangeas

This little number has my favorite flower {if you've been reading this blog, you know that already}. Beautiful hydrangeas are perfect for any occasion. In this case, for a male birthday. I made a vanilla cake, layered with "dulce de leche" and frosted with buttercream speckled with...  more "dulce de leche".

June 11, 2018

avocado toast rose

I'm usually not so fancy with breakfast, but sometimes I like taking my avocado toast to the next level.
Some chopped avocado first and then shape the rose on top of it. Not a very easy task, but with some practice and a very sharp knife, it shouldn't take you all morning to do it.
Food must not only taste good, but also look good.
Happy new week!

June 7, 2018

single-tier cakes {trend}

Even before the Royal Wedding I had the hunch that multiple single-tier cakes would be the trend this year.
Making smaller cakes for Rose Vanilla allows me to be really creative with colors, textures, and toppings, and to play around with different techniques, flavors and fillings.

June 6, 2018

tamales { mini }

Although making tamales may sound like a time-consuming and intimidating process, it isn't. The process begins with preparing a soft, rich corn dough called "masa", along with a meat or vegetable filling and a sauce. We like the seasoned chicken filling with olives and sometimes a pitted prune.
In Costa Rica, during Christmas season, making tamales is a ritual. We wrap them in banana leaves, but they can also be wrapped in corn husks, as they prepare them in Mexico and other countries in Latin America.
Finding the corn in Kampala was not an easy task. Even though we keep bags of Maseca in the freezer, we prefer to leave that one for "tortillas". After almost giving up the search for yellow corn, I found it at a nearby Chinese supermarket... who would have thought!!!! The dried kind I found required soaking in boiling water for a couple of hours to soften it and then strain it.

I'm missing home, so making "tamales" to eat along my "gallo pinto" is always a way of feeling closer to my roots. 

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