October 25, 2013

the art of making dolls

Making hand knit soft toys
is a time consuming process.
It takes long hours to finish just one piece.

This is a behind the scenes look at
the bunnies and cats we have made
at our studio in Bolivia for Ooshki

We make each piece by hand using
the finest Bolivian alpaca.
Tiny needles are used in the process.

Then we fill them with fiber and join the pieces
to complete the toy.

Filling the toys {a short video}


The embroidery is all made by hand
with a contrasting color of alpaca

Crochet details: our signature cheeks, collar and beret.

finished toys ready for face embroidery


  1. I discovered you by Instagram and I follow in love...
    My daughter loves cats and yours are beautiful! If you want I would like to write about you in my blog...

    Diana, Italy

    1. Thank you so much!!! Would be thrilled to be featured on your blog!


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