October 28, 2012

moustache cookies

made for my daughter's birthday paty
sugar cookies
shaped like moustaches
decorated with thin royal icing


{we did not have a moustache cookie cutter so we used a paper template and cut the cookies with a knife. That made the edges a bit uneven}

October 22, 2012

our newest friend

soft & cuddly
made with love
with the softest baby alpaca

October 18, 2012

it's getting cold outside...

and we suggest
dressing babies in
the warmest of all yarns,
baby alpaca!

Find them HERE!

October 17, 2012

at the market

"Pachamama" and her baby
{a fertility goddess revered by indigenous people of the Andes}
found at the market in Cochabamba

Pachamama is usually translated as "Mother Earth"

October 12, 2012

cupcakes for a special friend

Happy Weekend!

We'll start the weekend celebrating
with a good friend

...and I made cupcakes for her
{with some flags to decorate them}

Hope you all have a good one!!

October 10, 2012

embroidering smiles

on fish pillows
for early spring orders

{behind the scenes}

October 9, 2012

enjoying the process

from beginning to end

enjoy designing the pieces {all of them}
choosing the colors,
the yarns,

enjoy making every single prototype... myself
yep, I make all of them
then I send the prototype to Bolivia
and the ladies in Cochabamba knit the collection

enjoy seeing my drawings and ideas come to life
even if sometimes they don't turn out as I planned,
but I love them all!!!

enjoy knowing that with each new piece I design,
my little project in Bolivia
will provide work for many women

October 6, 2012

Babiekins Magazine {Issue One}

here it is!
the very first print issue of
Babiekins Magazine

and Fournier's on it!
I could not be more thrilled...

Happy Weekend everyone!
we'll be enjoying the
wonderful fall weather and colors
here in Washington, DC

on the Little Finds list
by Deborah Beau from Kickcan & Conkers
circus master, tent & ditzy clown

hand picked by Babyccino Kids Boutiques!

October 1, 2012

October 1st.

the countdown to Halloween begins today!
dressing up...
King? Queen? Clown? Party? Ring Master?
Find them HERE!

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