September 29, 2012

the market

no visit to Bolivia would be complete
without a visit to the local market
that's what I did today
and found exactly what I was looking for...
some "aguayos" and "frazadas"
in beautiful
bold colors

{woman selling carrot juice}

{and carrying her baby in an aguayo}

{a common sight around the market}

{artisan market}

September 28, 2012

time flies

last full day at work in Cochabamba
this Sunday I go back home to my family
but leave my other family here

it has been a wonderful trip
a joy to see so many women I care for
some of them have been with Fournier for
over eight years
extremely happy to see how we're changing lives
stitch by stitch

I will be back soon!

September 27, 2012

knitting on the street

the first time I came to Bolivia
was twelve years ago
{I stayed for seven years}

the first thing that caught my eye was
all the women knitting on the street
and... everywhere

day four

new yarn
new colors
new collection

baby alpaca beauty

September 26, 2012

day two & three

an intarsia knit class
with my favorite teacher
using a machine
something I have wanted to learn for some time

{think} I am going to love it!!!

an early walk around town
everyone in a hurry

September 24, 2012

first day

early in the morning
yarn inventory
and train knitters on how to make the new balloon pirates
& sailors

September 23, 2012

finally here

it took me eighteen hours
three different flights
two cities in between {Miami & La Paz}
to finally get to Cochabamba
this morning...

a good lunch
a short walk around town
flowers on the ground
and go to bed early

Wishing you all a wonderful week!

September 22, 2012


Wishing you all a sunny weekend...
tomorrow it will be
fall again

September 20, 2012

clown shoes

tie on
clown shoes

September 19, 2012

a smile on a child's face {for halloween}

these treats are coming with me to Bolivia this weekend
next week I will give them to all the kids that come with their mothers to our workshop
I can't wait to see the smile on their faces

this is my second trip to Bolivia this year
it is going to be a very busy one
{lots of changes and lots of work}
I will definitely find the time to take photos
and show you a bit more of how we work, the wonderful people behind Fournier,
how we make a difference by working directly with the artisan

September 18, 2012

September 17, 2012

going to Bolivia

I am going to Bolivia again
lots of work
a new collection
and hopefully daily visits to the market
to find some more of those treasures that I love

{women at market in Cochabamba}

September 14, 2012

happy weekend!

Just one week of summer left
time flies
early pumpkins

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

September 13, 2012

fall favorite {applesauce}

September 12, 2012

wine tasting at Three Fox Vineyards

in the heart of Virginia's horse & wine country
a visit to Three Fox Vineyards
on a pleasant Sunday afternoon

sitting on 50 acres of  rolling countryside

the tasting room
the many prizes
the tasting

sitting outside
kids playing
& enjoying the view

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