March 29, 2012

cozy crochet

fall-winter 2012/13

new soft and cozy crochet neck warmers
{to ward off the coldest winter weather}

camel with velvet ribbon

natural colors
heather gray & ivory

{close up detail}
circular crochet scarf
charcoal & gray


  1. Great colours (you could say my colours)!!
    Can I ask you something is this what they call the Crocodile Stitch?
    I found a Easy) pattern for that just the other day and thought I'd give it a go one of these days.
    Loving the new collections so far!!!

  2. The stitch on the crochet necks is a made with a double chain. I saw the crocodile stitch you mention the other day on Pinterest, but it like it is made differently.
    Thank you!!! I am very happy with this collection for next winter.


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