December 2, 2011

the advent calendars

{the making of our advent calendar}

First there were kraft paper mini bags, watercolor paper, a snowflake paper punch, red alpaca yarn, stamps & red ink... 

and of course, surprises!

Then there were fifty bags filled with surprises (25 for each of my kids), an ivory wooden pole, and a stair handrail.

Happy Weekend everyone!!


  1. It looks very lovely!!!!

  2. Wow! What a great idea - very creative! And it's so pretty and simple. I went the Ikea route with our advent calendar...the only place where I know I can get it!

  3. Ooh, how gorgeous! Love that snowflake paper punch. You made 50 bags?? I almost fainted. lol. So simple yet so pretty...

  4. Simple and so lovely... I might try this next year . Luckily I have only one kid cos wow, I don't think i could manage 50 bags!


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