September 5, 2011

where I get creative {an interview with Cat Camp)

Today I welcome Cat Laures!! 

Tell us a bit about your background
When I was growing up, my mom would always have projects for me and my siblings to work on.  In fact, she even had a special cubbie devoted to all things craft {think pipe cleaners, pom poms, glue, beads, leather rope, shrink-a-dinks, markers, puffy paint, etc.} which we affectionately dubbed the craft cupboard.  So, I guess you could say that making things was a fundamental part of my childhood and I just haven't kicked the habit yet :).  Before starting BrideBlu, I didn't have any formal jewelry making training ... I am self-taught and constantly learning about my craft.  I love that.

Describe your Creative Space
Hubs and I live in a small house {900 sq. ft} ... for us it is the perfect size but it does mean that real estate is at a premium.  Still, a big part of the creative process is a designated space to call your own.  For me, this is a corner of our office where my desk and jewelry making schtuff get to hang out.

Describe your typical Creative time
Most of my creating is done at night after work.  A typically day for me is: up at 6am, work out, head off to work, get home around 6pm, grab a quick bit to eat, work on orders/ new designs for a couple of hours, maybe catch a moment of TV, and then it is off to bed {I am a girl who needs her beauty sleep ... 8 hrs?  For me, it is a necessity}.

Two things you can't live without
Honestly, the support of my hubby is the first thing that comes to mind.  My jewelry designing is really like a second job and takes a significant chunk of my "free" time ... I am so grateful that my husband is so supportive of my passion.  He is my biggest fan.  The best thing in the world is when I finish a design and my husband comments, "wow, that is really cool, babe!"

Do you have any routine or rituals in your work and creative habits?
I am a strong type-A personality and a chronic list maker.  When an idea gets into my head, I am at my desk working it out as soon as a moment of free time presents itself.

How do you keep focused?
Staying focused and motivated when it comes to designing jewelry comes naturally to me ... it is my answer to the adage "do what you love, love what you do.   I love creating.  It is something I need to do to feed my soul.

What is your primary source of inspiration?
It is so hard to narrow it down as I feel that inspiration is fluid, natural process that is absorbed and developed as life is lived.  That being said, I do read A LOT of magazines {I am a self-diagnosed glossy junkie}, frequent a ton of creative blogs ... in short, I always have my eyeballs peeled for something that strikes that sweet, "ah-ha" chord.

Thank you so much Cat for sharing your creative space with us!!


  1. Ooh prettiness. I also love how organized her creative space is. She has such a lovely blog and shop as well..

  2. I love your space, Cat! Looks so organized and relaxing!

  3. so pretty! i love cat and her blog! and i love seeing where other creatives work! :)

  4. What a fabulous guest post. As a freelancer I absolutely love seeing how other creative people set up their working space!! Love Cat & her gorgeous jewelry. xo veronika

  5. hi Anabel, i've just come over from Cat's spot to check out her ultra awesome creative space and is it ever an awe-inspiring share!!!

    Cat, i loved learning about where your ingeniously artistic talents stemmed from. gotta give it up to the Mom's who help their kiddos flourish this way. she must be so proud of all you've accomplished to date and how you've taken the tools learned to be able to share with so many admirers - like ME : )

    Andy is such a support system, hearing his comments to back you up makes my heart swell big time. what a guy! thanks for sharing your wavelengths lades. ♥

  6. cat, anabel, this was so so fun to read!!!! and i loved seeing cats pretty face here :)


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