September 1, 2011

a visit to the antique shop

One of my favorite outings... and a regular one!

this is such a beautiful stroller

the coffee grinder and doll dress are my favorites

beautiful and simple toys


  1. Oh the toys: simple, well made, no plastic!
    Love all your photos, and yes, what a wonderful "outing".

  2. I love thrift shopping too- It is so much fun to see things that have lived a life.

  3. Wow, where is this place? Everything is setup so beautifully, like little vignettes everywhere.. BEautiful photos of the place too.. Did you walk away with a little something for your home?
    Have a terrific long weekend Anabel! Enjoy and relax.. : )

  4. Love antique's these are great.

  5. wow, that store looks amazing.


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