September 7, 2011

felt flowers {to celebrate wool week}

It has been raining non stop in Washington, DC for two solid days, and it seems it will continue for another two or three days...

These wooly felt flower brooches are cheering me up during these dark gray days! They're from Fournier's fw2011/12 collection. All handmade in Bolivia by a project working with women in the city of El Alto.

Available in the Shop here!


  1. it is the same here, bad and hard rain. non stop.
    and the flowers are really making me happy

  2. These are so sweet Anabel.. It makes me want to stop and just..well, smell the flowers.. : ) It's been chilly and grey here as well. I guess summer just wanted to go.. Hope it gets sunny and drier where you are!

  3. It's raining here this morning as well. Those flowers are so beautiful:) Hope you are having a cozy morning. Kisses

  4. Great stuff...I think you've made some truly interesting points.Keep up the good work.


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