September 12, 2011

9 | 11 {remembering}

Most of my day yesterday was spent watching the memorials of September 11 on television. 
When these horrible events happened ten years ago I was in Costa Rica visiting my parents {we had just moved to Bolivia a few months before}. I remember watching live as the second plane hit the second tower and then both towers crumbling down, one shocking event after another. I remember it like it happened yesterday... as most of us do.
I could not return home for another week. A week that went by in slow motion watching the images on television. 
It not only changed the people directly affected by the attacks, those who lost loved ones, those in New York City, in Arlington, and the families of the passengers and crew on flight UA93. It changed us all. We will never forget.

My daughter Daniela was only two years old on September 11, 2001 so she does not remember anything from those days. She is now a twelve year old girl that wants to know everything and be very well informed about... well, everything. The first time she heard about 9/11 was when we visited the Newseum in Washington, DC a couple of months ago. 
As for Sebastian, he paid little attention the the 9/11 area at the Newseum. He has only been interested in the subject for a few days since he went back to school last Tuesday. At school the teachers have been talking to them about the attacks, especially the one at the Pentagon that is just a few miles from where we live. 
It is very difficult to explain to your kids what happened on that day... especially when they ask: Why mommy? Why did that happened?...

top part of one of the towers recovered from Ground Zero at the Newseum

front pages of newspapers from around the world after the attacks

Bill Biggart's camera, film, cell phone and identification also recovered from Ground Zero


  1. Incredible installation at the Newseum. Hope we get to visit that and also Ground Zero plaza soon. But first, hm, yes.. how to explain to my 6yo? As much as they can be wise in their young years, this is something a little too big to process. So much sadness yet there is so much strength and hope too!

  2. it was interesting to read your experiences for sure. it definitely does not feel like 10 years, I can hardly believe that! What a chilling thing to remember and process which we'll probably be doing for the rest of our lives.

  3. Wow, I wish I get a chance to visit Newseum some day. I was there on 9/11, running in the streets in a cloud of ashes and dust. I don't want to dwell on the memory as I still get a physical reaction thinking about it.. I spent last Sunday not watching the memorial on TV. I don't need to - the memory is still so fresh. To me, it is amazing that 10 years has passed. And yes, it is very hard to explain 9/11 to children as I don't fully understand it myself. Over 3000 people died in 2001, but since then it's been thousands and thousands more in the "war on terror"...


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