September 30, 2011

andean soul collection

Andean Soul is a collection of accessories all made by hand using materials from the Andean countries.

Available in the shop now!! 

Happy Weekend!

more soon...

September 29, 2011

Fournier walking the Vogue Bambini show!

the VOGUE bambini fashion show...
previewing the 2012 Spring-Summer collection from Fournier.

Sunday October 2, 2011
Javits Center
New York

September 28, 2011

sea stars

These sea stars will be part of the decor in my booth next weekend in New York. 

 coral printed sea stars on linen, canvas and muslin

each filled to look like tiny cushions

September 27, 2011

2011 national book festival

Last Saturday at the National Book Festival on the National Mall in Washington, DC.
Lots of people, but great weather!

Four-time Academy Award-nominated Julianne Moore signing her book Freckleface Strawberry, who is also the subject of an off-Broadway musical. Quite a sight for those of us who don't live in LA or NY...

long lines...

Gordon Korman signing his book The Medusa Plot

Target's Book Nook

Target's Art table

PBS tent

yep, The Cat himself!

September 23, 2011

making tacos

Happy first day of fall!
It has been pouring all day today, so to brighten up the day I've made tacos.
Wishing you all a happy weekend!

September 20, 2011

thank you paul & paula

I am thrilled today because Fournier's fall-winter collection 2011/12 has been featured in one of my favorite blogs, Paul & Paula by wonderful Peggy!!!!
Thank you so much for the lovely feature and for the shout out to my work in Bolivia.

Paul & Paula Blog 
Paul & Paula Shop
Paul & Paula Photo Blog

September 19, 2011

where I get creative {an interview with Karen Barbé}

Today I'm delighted to welcome Karen Barbé. 
I have been following Karen's work for a couple of years and she keeps surprising me with her beautiful things. I Love her screen printed cotton bags!

Tell us a bit about your background
I'm a textile designer trained at Universidad Católica de Chile. Before going freelance I worked at PUMA Chile as a Product Manager Jr. and then as an in-house designer for the Marketing Dept. at Concha y Toro Winery. But probably what has shaped me most as the designer I am today, are all those hours from childhood and youth (and yeah, adulthood) working and crafting with my mother. We share lots of projects, discuss about craft techniques and talk a lot about colour use.

Describe your Creative Space
I have my studio at home, in a quite spacious room though I always feel I need more and more room. I have my computer and two looms and a small wooden table where I do all my manual work.

Describe your typical Creative time.
It usually happens out of something I see, like a picture in an old magazine, a vintage find, a forgotten and shabby shop somewhere, a piece of traditional craft, which creates in me a chain of emotions and feelings. The hard part is to transform these feelings into actual images. This could take from a few hours, days or months. Only when I have a clear visualization of them is that I start drawing on paper or in the computer. If it's an embroidery I've been thinking about it's only then that I grab needle and floss. I've found it frustrating to start working if I don't have a rough image in my mind of where I'm aiming to.

Two things you can't live without
I don't know when nor how it happened, but my camera has become the main piece of gear in my workflow (and well, life). It's no longer a mere tool, now it's come to be a means by itself. And, of course, I can't live without comfortable shoes. Shoes can make the difference to me between a tiring or energetic day.

Do you have any routine or rituals in your work and creative habits?
I find I get more creative when I give myself the time to think about my ideas while doing something else, like walking. Yeah, walking can work wonders with creative work.

How do you keep focused?
I can't. This is something I still need to improve. My mind wanders from one idea to the next. I love the thrill of beginning new projects.

What is your primary source of inspiration?
Last week I was looking at my site stats and noticed that someone had googled "Recurring flower motif by Karen Barbé". How fun, I hadn't even noticed flowers were a recurring theme in my imagery! I do love flowers and plants as a source of inspiration but I think what inspires me most are textile structures. It can be anything, cross-stitch patterns, weaving, knitting, crochet. I want to make textiles about textiles.
What part of your creative process do you enjoy the most?
The dream part, when all your ideas look wonderful inside your mind.
What are you working on now?
I have just finished weaving a batch of wool cushions for my shop. Now I have some embroidery ideas in my mind I still have to work out.

Thank you so much Karen for sharing your creative space with us. You are an inspiration!!!!

Karen's Shop
Karen's Website
Karen's Blog

September 16, 2011

desk corner

On my desk this morning.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.
Summer is definitely over, but I am looking forward to the change of seasons, the leaves falling, the beautiful colors, apple pies and pumpkin pies...

September 15, 2011

September 8, 2011

fall mushrooms

From my newest collection!!!

As seen on Hudson's Magazine July 2011 issue

More images from the collection here!

September 7, 2011

felt flowers {to celebrate wool week}

It has been raining non stop in Washington, DC for two solid days, and it seems it will continue for another two or three days...

These wooly felt flower brooches are cheering me up during these dark gray days! They're from Fournier's fw2011/12 collection. All handmade in Bolivia by a project working with women in the city of El Alto.

Available in the Shop here!

September 5, 2011

where I get creative {an interview with Cat Camp)

Today I welcome Cat Laures!! 

Tell us a bit about your background
When I was growing up, my mom would always have projects for me and my siblings to work on.  In fact, she even had a special cubbie devoted to all things craft {think pipe cleaners, pom poms, glue, beads, leather rope, shrink-a-dinks, markers, puffy paint, etc.} which we affectionately dubbed the craft cupboard.  So, I guess you could say that making things was a fundamental part of my childhood and I just haven't kicked the habit yet :).  Before starting BrideBlu, I didn't have any formal jewelry making training ... I am self-taught and constantly learning about my craft.  I love that.

Describe your Creative Space
Hubs and I live in a small house {900 sq. ft} ... for us it is the perfect size but it does mean that real estate is at a premium.  Still, a big part of the creative process is a designated space to call your own.  For me, this is a corner of our office where my desk and jewelry making schtuff get to hang out.

Describe your typical Creative time
Most of my creating is done at night after work.  A typically day for me is: up at 6am, work out, head off to work, get home around 6pm, grab a quick bit to eat, work on orders/ new designs for a couple of hours, maybe catch a moment of TV, and then it is off to bed {I am a girl who needs her beauty sleep ... 8 hrs?  For me, it is a necessity}.

Two things you can't live without
Honestly, the support of my hubby is the first thing that comes to mind.  My jewelry designing is really like a second job and takes a significant chunk of my "free" time ... I am so grateful that my husband is so supportive of my passion.  He is my biggest fan.  The best thing in the world is when I finish a design and my husband comments, "wow, that is really cool, babe!"

Do you have any routine or rituals in your work and creative habits?
I am a strong type-A personality and a chronic list maker.  When an idea gets into my head, I am at my desk working it out as soon as a moment of free time presents itself.

How do you keep focused?
Staying focused and motivated when it comes to designing jewelry comes naturally to me ... it is my answer to the adage "do what you love, love what you do.   I love creating.  It is something I need to do to feed my soul.

What is your primary source of inspiration?
It is so hard to narrow it down as I feel that inspiration is fluid, natural process that is absorbed and developed as life is lived.  That being said, I do read A LOT of magazines {I am a self-diagnosed glossy junkie}, frequent a ton of creative blogs ... in short, I always have my eyeballs peeled for something that strikes that sweet, "ah-ha" chord.

Thank you so much Cat for sharing your creative space with us!!

September 2, 2011

back to school in style

As the summer draws to an end, back to school shopping becomes the focus for moms.
Aside from the essential pens, crayons and notebooks, back to school fashions are a major part of the shopping list. 

our style for boys
100% hand knit baby alpaca sweaters and accessories

our classic hoodie and rib pants with our essential mittens
100% baby alpaca

favorite colors of the season... mocha and cranberry
100% baby alpaca

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