August 31, 2011

Mario Batali's Eataly

A true paradise for food lovers and a must visit in New York city. 
Eataly is the largest Italian food and marketplace in the world. 50,000 square - foot space in the Flatiron District into New York City’s premier culinary mecca.

I was there a few weeks ago while attending the ENK Children's Club and was truly impressed with the display of fresh produce, pasta, wine... everything! And then the gelato, an amazing coffee bar, paninis, pizza, a bookstore, housewares and a cooking school by Lidia Bastianich.

the fresh produce

for the love of cooking... find great Italian cooking books

 salumi & cheese

oven roasted tomatoes

 delicious Italian desserts

the coffee bar

 imported wood-burning oven and everything handmade in the age-old Italian tradition

 an impressive display and variety of pasta

in every imaginable shape

 the legumes

And the best news for us in Washington, DC is that next year Eataly is coming to town!! Can't wait to have it around the corner.


  1. My dream would be to be locked in there overnight :)

  2. Oh I so wanted to go here too when we were in nyc! I had it on my list of places to see & eat.. lucky lucky you! Another one in Washington.. Good excuse for me to get to Washington! lol. Terrific photos Anabel. I am now hungry.

  3. whoaaaaa, that looks like i would spend way too much monies in there!

  4. OH MY.....absolutely wonderful! :-) xxxx

  5. Wow! That place looks like the next best thing to Italy itself!

  6. I am DYING to go there... looks like a bit of heaven on earth :)


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