August 3, 2011

enk children's club new york {spring-summer 2012}

I am back home after a wonderful show in New York. Glad to see old customers and open new accounts. 

Having a good show for me has a lot to do with the booth neighbors. This time I was very lucky to be next to my friend Stefanie from Winter Water Factory and the lovely Jordana and Mariette from Clover New York.

main entrance to the show

images of my booth

my QR codes

Eiffel Towers and some starfish adorned my booth


  1. oh what a lovely stand you made! beautiful and of course I like the eiffel towersand the stars...
    Wish I could have been there...

  2. It all looks fantastic Anabel! So glad you had nice neighbors (love WWF) & that the show was a success! Your new collection looks wonderful & very you (from your picture). :) Welcome home...

  3. Your stand was stunning! It's no surprise you had new accounts. x

  4. This looks amazing! Beautifully decorated and the collection is adorable!

  5. wow your booth looks awesome!!

  6. Anabel, que bueno conocerla! su trabajo es espectacular, ojala podamos ser uno de los "new", saludos!


  7. Your booth was lovely Anabel! I'm so glad we were able to see you and your booth in person. : ) My husband and I loved everything there! And you are just the most wonderful person, I only wish we lived closer so that we could get out more often together. Thanks so much for inviting us!


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