August 11, 2011

enjoying the summer

I can't believe we are half way through summer...
We've been enjoying the wonderful weather and baking cakes with fruits in season.


  1. Lovely image. I'm not a really good baker. Wish you can come over to my house and bake something sweet. ;-)

  2. Wonderful photo Anabel..yes, summer is so short and they go back to school soon, so enjoy every minute!

  3. i loooooove looooove that photo, like totally!
    this is SUMMER to me!

  4. Ah.. so beautiful Anabel! You are also a food stylist non? Have been thinking of you and wishing we could have spent much more time together.. I love your personality and infectious happy aura! Pls don't say summer is halfway done.. I don't want to believe it. Oh no...

  5. This Summer really seems to be flying by for me, I can't believe we are in the middle of August already. The peach cake looks amazing, and is a perfect Summertime treat!

  6. summer is beautiful...I can't even think about how fast it has gone or it freaks me out!

  7. This is what I call food style. Beautiful photo! And I love peach pie.


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