July 11, 2011

where I get creative { an interview with Florence Rolando }

Today I'm honored to have Florence Rolando with us!

I met Florence almost six years ago when she called me to Bolivia {where I was living at the moment} to ask me if I wanted to be part of the first Bubble show in New York. 
Since that first show I have always been thrilled with Florence's great sense of style and originality. Nowadays her blog is one of my daily reads. On her blog she features the best of kids design. She travels to the shows herself to check out the new trends and meet the designers. Another favorite of mine are her interviews with kids and their mothers.

Tell us a bit about your background
I worked many years in fashion as a product manager before joining Milk Magazine as a contributor/correspondent (2003) and launching Bubble Trade Shows (2005).
I currently work as a journalist, consultant and I run my own blog http://www.pirouetteblog.com 

Describe your Creative Space
I work from home, I have a little alcove that opens to our living room. It has a view on the street, lots of light and it is quiet, thanks to the double glazing!

Describe your typical Creative time
My best creative time to work is either very early in the morning, late evening when everyone is asleep. I don't get distracted so I have better concentration and ideas fuel nicely ;-)

Two things you can't live without
A camera and a Mac. I am happy when I take pictures and even happier when I crop, straighten, adjust colors, etc.
Do you have any routine or rituals in your work and creative habits?
I go to the fridge every time I need inspiration...so I tent to keep my fridge off sweets and things that would make me become too fat!

What is your primary source of inspiration
My children, I believe like many of parents who work in the children's industry. Internet is also great as it allows exploring so many parts of the world, so many different sources of creativity. It's an infinite journey.

Thank you Florence for sharing your creative space with us!!!

Florence's Blog


  1. What an adorable post. I love it.

  2. I just love those photos of Florence. There were only the serious photo of her but this just shows us how creative and fun she is! Her home is so beautiful without a cacophony of crazy knick knacks and as of Florence herself? I think she's just wonderful! Pirouette is an incredible source of inspiration for everyone.. Great post Anabel!

  3. Génial!!! Merci à toutes les deux!!!

  4. What a wonderful post and inspiring words from Florence. :)

  5. aw i like her space!!! it's very cute...I'm getting mine all ready ;)

  6. I love getting this little peak into her creative space :)

  7. Another wonderful post about Florence - , nice to see where she works and more fun pics too!

  8. Anabel, this is a wonderful idea of yours! I had a very good time reading about Deb and Chantal. Thanks a lot for inviting me and thanks to everyone for the very sweet comments!


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