July 27, 2011

natural dyeing workshop {part III}

On our last day at the workshop we labeled all our swatches, dyed some more fabric and yarn and shared our thoughts on the whole experience. I loved it!!

more yellow swatches

baby alpaca dyed with indigo and a piece of wool cloth dyed with quebracho and then dipped in indigo

this is an organic cotton scarf I knitted {originally it was ivory} and dyed with indigo. Isn't it just great?? Love the color!

some pieces made with the shibori technique

this one was made tying nails to the fabric

finished and labeled swatches

dyed wool ready to be spinned

our wonderful teacher Louise Wheatley spinning some yarn

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  1. thank you for this series and all the great pictures.
    i love that scarf too, the colour is very very nice!



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