July 26, 2011

natural dyeing workshop {part II}

On my second day at the workshop I worked a shibori technique on a linen table runner and then dipped it in the indigo.
I also dyed some pima cotton, alpaca and cotton yarn swatches in the different yellows we had. The intention was to dip the material in yellow and then in the indigo to make green.

yarns and wool fabrics

running stitch to make shibori

osage orange dye bath

my linen table runner dripping

swatches of organic pima cotton, tanguis cotton and linen after the osage orange dye bath

wool dyed with myrobalan, quebracho and weld

baby alpaca hat dyed with philodendrum

the drying line

raw silk dyed with pomegranate and philodendrum

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  1. ALL of these are just wonderful to see...I esp. like the golden colors. Your photos are really, really nice Anabel.
    Can't imagine how hot it was outside to do this!


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