June 27, 2011

where I get creative {an interview with Chantale Park}

Happy Monday! Today I welcome my friend Chantale Park. This is a very special interview for me. For almost a year I have been following her Blog and feel very close to her even though we have not met in person... yet. Hopefully, this summer we will be able to finally meet in NYC {keeping my fingers crossed}. 
Chantale is one of those souls that brightens ones life with her kindness and sense of humor.

Tell us a bit about your background
I have never veered away from my first love, art & design. I studied Illustration & Design and have always worked in the creative field as a product and graphic designer in the textile, stationery and entertainment field. As much as it gives me a thrill to see the products I've helped design in stores and see people buy them, I have a tendency to move on pretty quickly to the next project. lol. This is probably due to the fact that I've always worked in industries where product design is done about 2-4 seasons ahead of the current one. 

Describe your Creative Space
My creative space at home is side by side with our playroom. In fact, this one room sold me on the house we currently live in. It's one long big room with windows at both ends which makes it a very airy and bright space to be in. Windows and light is something I can't live without! My desk is situated right beside the window and affords me natural light, a view outdoors and a chance to work while my daughter plays in the space beside me. She also has her own table beside mine but when I'm at the computer, she loves to sit on my lap and play computer games online (Barbie, Hello Kitty etc).

Describe your typical Creative time
My creative time is any time I can get! That usually means after my daughter goes to sleep and way into the night if I have a project going on. Otherwise, any time I can snatch to update my blog or work on freelance projects. My uncle, who was a product designer himself, taught me a valuable lesson in quietly thinking design ideas through. It's why I occasionally look like I'm staring out into space. hehe. I like to think things out in my head first, visualize and then put it down on paper or use my computer. This is usually how I like to do my bento lunches as well. I'm not as good as the others out there so I really like to think about it first and then improvise as I go along..

Two things you can't live without
I can't live without my computer and my camera! I can live without my computer when we're on vacation but I definitely need my camera.

Do you have any routine or rituals in your work and creative habits?
I don't really have any routines. I am however, meticulous in the way I achieve a design and like to think ahead to it's eventual use in different mediums later on. I set up and build my files accordingly. When it comes to my sewing projects, I pretty much improvise as I go along. I'm crazy like that.

How do you keep focused?
I stay away from the web! Otherwise, I get sucked into the Pinterest, blogland vortex and then I'm a goner.

What is your primary source of inspiration?
One of my source of inspiration is traveling! I love the west coast, California. We've gone about 3 times now, from Sonoma Valley to SF and all the way in between to San Diego and I love it! I would go every year if we could. I love the California vibe and sun and of course, my family living there & all the new friends I've made. That said, I also love going on road trips to anywhere. It need not be anywhere fancy, just anywhere XYZ. We love bringing our daughter and experiencing new places with her. She is our #1 joy and inspiration! She is also a dream to travel with (though hearing 'are we there yet' on car trips occasionally does drive us bonkers).

What part of your creative process do you enjoy the most?
I love it when I've reached that Ah-ha! moment and then I get so excited to start. I end up losing track of time and when I see the end results, it gives me tremendous satisfaction. Especially when I see my designs in stores!

What are you working on now?
I'm currently working on a lookbook and some sewing projects.

Chantale's Blog


  1. Good Morning, thank you for such a nice way to start my day :)
    Always so nice to see more of people I follow and love.

  2. She is extremely creative. I love her style!

  3. Aw.. Anabel, thank you so much your kind words. I have to gulp to keep the emotions down. I think the feeling is mutual. I am crossing my fingers to meet you and your fam this summer too! I've been enjoying this new section of yours, meeting all the other lovely creatives you've 'met' and it's a warm feeling to know I've joined the others as well. Thank you so much for this! Hugs to you..

  4. Really enjoyed reading the interview - Chantale. So nice to know about you more. You are so creative - kisses

  5. what an adorable daughter! love her work and this interview :)

  6. I LOVED reading this! Chantale is incredibly talented and she seems like such a cool person too. I adore her style!!
    I love this series--it's so great to be able to peek inside the minds of creative people!!

  7. A great interview! Chantale is such a lovely, genuine person, and her love for her work and especially her daughter really shines through. So nice to see a deserving soul getting recognized!

  8. Chantale: SO glad to know even more about you! Oh, it all sounds so...familiar. Even the one daughter! It is hard to find time when they are small. Love the stickers on your computer! yes, I agree, travelling is such a wonderful source of inspiration in oh so many ways.
    Well, I do hope you meet Anabel this summer: she is truly a lovely person!
    And Anabel: this series is superb!!!

  9. I love her beautiful designs and creative space!

  10. Nice to be able to know more about the beautiful people!
    Thank you!

  11. I love reading more about Chantale. She is one of the loveliest people I've "met" via Twitter. I also love Sonoma area of Calif too, C!

  12. Thank you for sharing. Love her blog and I love your designs! I am also a fellow Tica!

  13. I love this interview Anabel! It's so nice to see her here & read more about her. Chantale is one of those people who is as cool & kind & she is creative - she's one of my favorite people. Love that photo of Keira looking out over the water... inspiration at it's finest!

  14. thanks for sharing chantale with us!! she is a superstar and it's fun to know more about her. xoxo


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