June 20, 2011

where I get creative {an interview with Libby Wilkie}

Happy Monday everyone!!! Hope you all had a wonderful Father's Day weekend.

Today I welcome Libby Wilkie. I have been following her blog for more than a year now and just love her style!!! I have also been very lucky to meet her in person. First time, last year in New York when she came to see me at the Playtime show where I was exhibiting my Spring-Summer 2011 collections; and then last month, when she came to Washington to visit her daughter who works at the National Building Museum {a must see if you're in DC}.

Tell us a bit about your background 
My very first job was as a colorist and textile designer for a high end home furnishings fabric house in New York City. Next, I  worked in Fashion on Seventh Avenue, designing fabrics, and then segued into licensing my designs for many different products…ceramics, rugs, paper plates, gift wrap etc. Through it all, I always follow trends in color and design. At the moment I don’t do much designing but instead represent other artists for licensing opportunities. Amazingly, I don’t miss the design/art; I’m still surrounded by it but am really enjoying working with others.

Describe your Creative Space
Right now my Creative Space is small. For many years I had a huge loft space in a downtown building (with four flights to walk up every day!). But now I work out of my house. I hadn’t done that for many years and wasn’t sure how it would be: I had liked the routine of getting up and out of the house every day, seeing new people etc. But, surprisingly, I am loving it!

Describe your typical Creative time
I’m a morning person. When my daughter was small I would get up at 5:30 to have a few hours to work alone. That time has moved up a bit now…but I like to get going with work right away. I try to go out for errands and whatever around lunch so I don’t miss phone calls or emails in a major way. But even then, I will check my iPhone when I’m out. And, I almost always work after dinner for a few hours.

Two things you can't live without
I can’t live without my iMac. I converted over to Mac about three years ago, and now couldn’t possibly go back to a PC! The other totally invaluable thing I use is a head piece for my phone: that way I can multi-task and also don’t mind being put on hold for who knows how long!

Do you have any routine or rituals in your work and creative habits?
Well, I drink a lot of tea. Assam. Black, strong, with sugar and cream. Several cups a day! And, I try to exercise every day: either the gym or a power walk. Where we live now, in North Carolina, is so beautiful and my walks pass by the Beltie cattle, and goats and fields: it’s hard to pass that up for more than a day or so..Again, early in the morning is the best time.

How do you keep focused?
This is my greatest challenge. I am easily distracted. It’s a constant struggle for me to stay on track;  and of course, seeing new blog posts come in doesn’t help!

What is your primary source of inspiration?
That is a hard one to quantify. It comes from everyday living; from travel (as many of you know, I am a devoted Francophile); market shopping; trade shows; gardening; magazines both paper and on line; my many blogging friends.

What part of your creative process do you enjoy the most?
I love the fact that every day is different. I never know what to expect, and that’s how I like it! I like relating to other people...the artists I represent through my licensing business, LW Associates, my customers, and other bloggers.

What are you working on now?
I’ve just begun a total revision of my blog. Total! We’re changing the name (I think…), the blogging platform, the entire look and will be adding some regular feature columns. I’m also working on a brand new business! Can’t tell you the details right now, but yes, it involves France…


  1. Anabel: Looks great!!! Thanks so much for this!

  2. Amazing interview. J'adore!

  3. Great interview! I love her inspiration board!

  4. Libby is so great and I've had the pleasure to meet her in person too ! I loved hearing all about her background.

  5. I love reading about textiles and esp someone who has or is working in the textile business. I find there is so much behind the scenes that people really do not know about. I'm envious of all her design books! What a collection! How lucky are you to have met her Anabel. She looks like such a wonderful person!

  6. I want to know her latest project - France?! :) What a great interview!

  7. she sounds so cool! and well rounded. I think I would love working at home too!

  8. What a lovely interview! With a six month old at home my time is limited but I still love to stop by your blog and Libby's when I have a sec. Have a happy day.


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