June 9, 2011

what we've been cooking {israeli couscous}

Served warm or chilled, this salad makes a sensational main dish. Israeli couscous {or pearl couscous} can be found in most large natural foods stores. Unlike the more familiar Moroccan couscous, which consists of tiny golden pellets of dried semolina pasta, the Israeli version is larger, resembling uncooked pearl tapioca.

Israeli couscous was invented by one of Tel Aviv's largest food companies. The pasta is extruded, then toasted over an open flame to dry, giving the pasta a nice, nutty flavor. The result is a large, pearl shaped pasta. 

The Daily Wyatt


  1. yah that looks totally different from what I cook with, but I"m intrigued!

  2. That looks beyond delicious, I want some!
    Happy day, friend!

  3. That looks amazing! I love sundried tomatoes and olives!

  4. I was recently introduced to this pasta and I think it's great. so versatile! Thanks for the recipe idea!

  5. Sounds just as amazing as your images look! I love couscous, but I've never had Israeli couscous! I love every one of those ingredients .... thanks for sharing!

    - Deborah


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