June 15, 2011

salad days

Fresh & easy summer salads is what I have been cooking this week. A good combination of the season's freshest vegetables with a little twist.


  1. Mmm, my mom used to make me watercress salads.. I should try them again! Your version looks so yummy! What is jicama? Googling now.. ;p You've salad inspired me!

  2. Im in! DELICIOUS cannot say it all!

  3. lekker :)
    this looks devine and yummy... gonna get some watercress this week end. i like to mix it with our usual salad

  4. sun flower seeds are one of my favorite things to put on salads. i'm with ya

  5. AnonymousJune 16, 2011

    This just looks so good and simple. I think I will pick up some watercress! xo


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