June 3, 2011

children's chapel - national cathedral {washington, dc}

The highlight of my visit to the National Cathedral was the Children's Chapel where everything is child scaled. I did not take my kids this time, but will definitely take them this summer.

{Washington National Cathedral—officially the Cathedral Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul—has  more than 1,500 works of needlepoint. These are some of my favorites at the Children's Chapel}

children's chapel chairs to fit six-year-olds and needlepoint cushions with animals

children's chapel tower of books

the altar

altar detail

fantastic birds adorn the entrance to the children's chapel

Jesus shown as a boy in this sculpture


  1. That is beyond beautiful.

  2. wow, all of that needlepoint is really impressive. that would be seriously cute to see, thanks for sharing pics!

  3. The statue of Jesus as a boy is one of my favorite things at the Cathedral.

  4. what an amazing place! i think its wonderful to make children feel like they have a place in religion/spirituality even from a young age.

  5. Guess what? I'm reading The Lost Symbol and right at the part where Langdon is seeking refuge in the Washington National Cathedral! What a coincidence... Between your photos and Dan Brown's words, they make me want to go visit myself ;-)


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