June 8, 2011

a celebration of textiles {the textile museum. washington, dc} PART 2

I truly admire the patience of the people who master the intricate art of making lace. These women from The Chesapeake Region Lace Guild were demonstrating their skills at the Textile Museum last weekend. 
They also teach the history and use of lace, interpretation and making various laces, identification and collection, care and conservation of lace... which is the only one I could attempt unless I get Lasik eye surgery on both eyes.

Woodmont Weavers are a talented group of artisans with developmental disabilities who make and sell hand-woven products in Arlington, Virginia. They had three weaving machines and anyone interested could give it a try.

making a bookmark with pieces of yarn

My daughter Daniela's favorite was the paper making table. The kids could make a sheet of paper using Mulberry mulch. From peeling the Mulberry sticks to finishing the actual sheet of paper.


  1. How interesting and I remember seeing a weaving machine before somewhere and I was so amazed by it. Have a wonderful day, my dear

  2. What an interesting trip. It's really an amazing process.

  3. too cool! I'd love to learn how to do lace, how on earth do they tell apart all those tiny pin heads? its crazy!


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