May 27, 2011

my take on sprinkles cupcakes {georgetown store}

These well known cupcakes are definitely one of my favorites. They are moist, the icing is soft and not excessively sweet or buttery, the size is perfect {not too big and not too small}... AND at least at the Georgetown store, there are no lines to order and pay. You can even sit and enjoy the cupcake there.
I strongly recommend the Dark Chocolate flavor {they have it everyday}. My sister loves the Chai Latte, only available on Friday.

Have a lovely & sweet weekend {long weekend for those celebrating Memorial Day... we are}

our dog Russell would love these...


  1. I have always wanted a cupcake from here! I love your pictures :)

  2. What a cute shop! Those cupcake with the little dog bone on it is so cute!

  3. YUM!I've also heard of a bakery called Buzz that has some amazing stuff. But the nest time we are in Georgetown we will definitely stop by and check these out. Great review.

  4. That shop sounds fantastic and I love cupcakes. What a great place. Enjoy your afternoon, my dear

  5. Adorable! I'll have to make sure I pop by the next time I am in Georgetown, which is definitely on my list of places to go bac to and visit properly :-)


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