April 15, 2011

yellow buttermilk cupcakes

I woke up very early this morning to bake cupcakes for Daniela's end of semester classroom party. They did not plan on a specific theme so I decided to decorate them with soft lilac frosting and paper butterflies.

ready to make the frosting

Wishing you all a terrific weekend!


  1. Gorgeous! Those lucky classmates!

  2. and we kept some to eat at home :-)

  3. Yummy! What a lucky class to get cupcakes from you. They look delish. Lucky for me parents at my daughter's school are not allowed to bake anything to bring to school to share with classmates. They are beyond crazy strict with peanut etc allergies.. I'm sure if they saw your cupcakes though, maybe they'd be a little more lenient! : )

  4. woah those are beautiful!

  5. They look really beautiful and I bet they are very delicious:) Have a fantastic day, my dear. Can I please ask for the recipe?

  6. yum! these look so pretty!

  7. They look pretty and so very ready for spring! Just gorgeous:)


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