April 19, 2011

pizza for lunch

Yesterday we made pizza at home. The kids helped with the toppings and rolling the dough. We went for a rectangular shape this time... alla Romana!

the dough {a mix of bread flour and wholewheat flour}

olives ready to be chopped for topping

homemade sauce

basil is a must

the Roman way!!!


  1. yum! great photos - now you made me hungry im off in search of lunch! x

  2. Oh, yum! I love the fact that you made whole wheat dough and were thoughtful enough to top with green olives (is there any other olive? ;))

    xx Cat brideblu

  3. I'm so hungry looking at this! Fresh pizza, omg, it looks so amazing. Keira and I are coming over!

  4. gosh, mine never looks that good (it tastes good though, that's what counts, haha :))

  5. Lovely. I am on a wheat free diet for 3 weeks, so this looks EXTRA appealing at the moement!


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