April 13, 2011

old stone house {Georgetown. Washington, DC}

Old Stone House: It is believed to be the oldest surviving building on its original lot in the federal city, predating the creation of the District of Columbia. 
The plot was purchased for one pound and ten shillings in 1764 and over the years held a clockmaker, some fifteen slaves, and a used car dealership, the last of which (while using the garden space as its parking lot) was bought out by the government in 1953, for $90,000. 
Sandwiched between shops at the commercial heart of Georgetown, the house remains a remarkable heritage from colonial days. 

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Spinning one’s own cotton was common, which is why most of the rooms have spinning wheels in them.

love those dolls on the chair

 period shoes

Old Stone House is located at 3051 M Street, NW, in Georgetown, Washington, D.C. 


  1. it is still so gorgeous!

  2. Photos are so gorgeous, looks like you went on a beautiful day. How simple yet complicated life was back then. I know, quite the oxymoron right? ; ) Crazy but I love the floors!

  3. Anabel: Yes, I love this house and the gardens behind it. From such a different time and place. Your photos (as usual) are wonderful!


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