April 12, 2011

hey, Easter Bunny

It is that time of the year... when the kids write letters to E.B. {as in Easter Bunny} to let him know where they are and what they want for Easter; just like a letter for Santa but knowing that they will only get candy.

Daniela left her basket outside her bedroom with a letter to E.B., some gum, a bag with carrots and celery (she wasn't sure if rabbits eat celery, but she left it just in case), and a request to please not take her basket.

Sebastian left the same thing for E.B. plus his drums... Have you guys seen HOP already? If you've seen the movie you will definitely understand why he left the drums. Just in case here is the trailer.

An how are you preparing for Easter?

Sweet Shot Day


  1. Aw those little signs are so cute :) x

  2. I love little letters that kids write...so cute!

  3. What a cute way to celebrate Easter! I'm sure your kids will be well rewarded. =)

  4. CUTE! We have prepared by growing easter grass and hanging egg ornaments on branches in a vase.

  5. So cute! Love how she asked the E.B. not to take the basket!

    Tamar - linking through Community Global

  6. Oh my gosh! This is like the cutest thing ever! WOW! I love it. I love how they are both worried about their baskets going missing. Funny!


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