April 18, 2011

circus day {on a rainy day}

It poured on Saturday... all day & all night!

Luckily we had tickets for the circus. 
We spent the rainy afternoon indoors eating snow cones, cotton candy, popcorn and enjoying the show.

the clowns

excitement on wheels

body benders {3 inside that tiny box...}

the animals

a boy's favorite

wrapping up the show


  1. ow this looks amazing....Iadore circus things...were actually thinking of doing a circus themed shoot soon! And although it may or may not be cruel to use animals in circuses, they do look spectacular dont they! x

  2. Ooh looks like a good show. I'm not big on circus (except for Cirque du Soleil) but this looks like it was a good show. Love the people on wheels photo.. Hope they showered really well those body benders. hehehe.. Aw, it was pouring rain/snow/sleet/pellets here too! Plus super windy. Good thing you had tix to the circus to pass the afternoon.. : )

  3. It looks like a wonderful show! I adore the circus!

  4. That looks like so much fun! I remember going to circus as a child and loving it so much! Happy Tuesday, my dear

  5. Beautiful pics. Well captured. It's been years since I was last at a circus. I guess I'll have to wait for grandchildren.

  6. I lovethe circus these are great photos!! You can feel the atmosphere.
    Adios lucy


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