April 7, 2011

cherry blossom festival

Washington, DC welcomes the arrival of spring with the National Cherry Blossom Festival, a beautiful tradition that showcases the beautiful gift of 3,000 cherry trees that the city of Tokyo gave to the nation’s capital. 
While cherry trees are scattered around the city and also in Virginia, the iconic forest of pink is sequestered around the Tidal Basin just off the National Mall.
This festival kicks off the busy tourist season in the city. 

My mom came to visit for a few days last week, so on Saturday afternoon we took her to the American History Museum and to walk along the Tidal Basin to see the cherry trees in its peak bloom.  

My mom's visit is the main reason of my absence from this space, but I am back now... sad because my mom had to go back yesterday, but happy because we got to spend time together.


  1. oh my, this is so beautiful
    my friend in Tokyo (poor her at this moment) always sends me pics from the big cherry blossom festival over there...
    I love this, perfect spring captures~

  2. Yes, it is absolutely beautiful. Many cherry trees also near my house, but seeing 3,000 of them in the city is just amazing.

  3. Very nice Anabel! What a treat to have your Mother here...and for your kids to spend time with her. I love the Cherry Blossom Festival, but some how the weather never cooperates and it ends up raining or being too cold! Was it better this year?

  4. on my bucket list is to visit DC during this time of year!!

  5. Such amazing pictures! I adore DC (esp the American History Museum...it is my favorite!)

  6. so pretty - I just booked my hotel there this morning! I have been during the festival before and wish timing would have worked for us to go then

  7. I love cherry blossom trees. These pictures are amazing! Have a great weekend, Anabel!

  8. What a beuty!!!, so amazing!!, bellisimo!
    Besos, Silvia


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