April 29, 2011

friday thougts {and flowers}

I know it's been wedding day, but today my heart goes out to the victims and those impacted by the tornado and devastation in Alabama. It's been horrific to see the strength of the series of tornadoes sweeping homes from their foundations, demolishing others, and flipping cars on tiny rural roads.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Make sure to enjoy the colors of the spring flowers!

April 27, 2011

now shop online {Project Artisan}

I am thrilled to announce that we started selling online with Project Artisan, a place for established and emerging designers, combining high fashion with social consciousness.

These are some of the pieces available on Project Artisan now. Check out the store to see more!


April 25, 2011

easter sunday

E.B. made a stop in our house early yesterday morning to fill the baskets and hide some eggs around the house. He did not leave any chocolate eggs because he knows the kids are not real fans of chocolate. 
How was your Easter egg hunt? Hope it was fun!

candy, candy & more candy

Daniela left E.B. a note to remind him that she loves him!

Russell helped the kids find the hidden eggs

we made sun dried tomato bread for our Easter brunch

April 22, 2011

at the zoo & earth day

Yesterday we spent all morning at the zoo. We hurried to get there at 9am so we could find parking at the zoo {wishful thinking}, but it was full by the time we got there.
{note to self: next time use the Metro}
Our mission was to see the pandas and luckily we did! 

It was really hard to take photos as the park was absolutely full with people... and strollers, but I did get to take some shots of our favorite cats.

What are your plans for Earth Day? We have tickets to go see African Cats. Narrated by Oscar-nominated actor Samuel L. Jackson, the film’s story features three unique African cats – Mara, a quickly growing and endearing lion cub; Sita, a fearless cheetah and single mother of five mischievous newborns; and Fang, a proud leader of the pride who must defend his family from a rival lion and his sons.

In honor of each individual who sees this movie during its opening week {April 22-28} Disneynature will make a donation to The African Wildlife Foundation for the “See AFRICAN CATS, Save the Savanna” initiative. Funds will be given to help support some awesome conservation efforts in the Savanna and help ensure the future of Africa’s diverse wildlife.

After living in Kenya for a couple of years and having been to Masai Mara for the migration twice, this is a very special movie to watch. The kids are really looking forward to it... and me too!

Hope you all have a wonderful Easter Weekend! Are you ready for the Egg Hunt?

April 19, 2011

pizza for lunch

Yesterday we made pizza at home. The kids helped with the toppings and rolling the dough. We went for a rectangular shape this time... alla Romana!

the dough {a mix of bread flour and wholewheat flour}

olives ready to be chopped for topping

homemade sauce

basil is a must

the Roman way!!!

April 18, 2011

circus day {on a rainy day}

It poured on Saturday... all day & all night!

Luckily we had tickets for the circus. 
We spent the rainy afternoon indoors eating snow cones, cotton candy, popcorn and enjoying the show.

the clowns

excitement on wheels

body benders {3 inside that tiny box...}

the animals

a boy's favorite

wrapping up the show

April 15, 2011

yellow buttermilk cupcakes

I woke up very early this morning to bake cupcakes for Daniela's end of semester classroom party. They did not plan on a specific theme so I decided to decorate them with soft lilac frosting and paper butterflies.

ready to make the frosting

Wishing you all a terrific weekend!

April 14, 2011

easter wreaths

For many reasons, Easter is one of my favorite holidays.
{one} I love the soft pastel colors on everything for Easter.
{two} I love candy!!! {three} the whole egg hunt thing on Easter Sunday is so much fun for everyone in the house, especially for the kids.
{four} eating the candy might be my favorite part...

I spotted these wreaths the other day hanging from entrance doors in my neighborhood.

April 13, 2011

old stone house {Georgetown. Washington, DC}

Old Stone House: It is believed to be the oldest surviving building on its original lot in the federal city, predating the creation of the District of Columbia. 
The plot was purchased for one pound and ten shillings in 1764 and over the years held a clockmaker, some fifteen slaves, and a used car dealership, the last of which (while using the garden space as its parking lot) was bought out by the government in 1953, for $90,000. 
Sandwiched between shops at the commercial heart of Georgetown, the house remains a remarkable heritage from colonial days. 

 image via here

Spinning one’s own cotton was common, which is why most of the rooms have spinning wheels in them.

love those dolls on the chair

 period shoes

Old Stone House is located at 3051 M Street, NW, in Georgetown, Washington, D.C. 
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