March 29, 2011

spring tulips & a piece of cake {sweet shot tuesday}

{weekend bits}

It might be spring, but baby it's cold outside!!!!
Nothing gets my spring fever going like getting some tulips for the house, especially when it is so cold outside. Hopefully next weekend the weather will cooperate with us so we can go to the Cherry Blossom Festival that kicked off last Saturday.

On Sunday afternoon I baked this delicious coconut cake.
It's a true luxury for me to make this cake because where I lived previously I could not get sweetened coconut. Recipe here {note: I did not use the lemon curd}

icing the cake

some flaked sweetened coconut on top

the first piece is always the hardest to serve...

Sweet Shot Day


  1. Love the tulips and the cake! Can I have a piece? :) I'm ready for a warmer spring too!

  2. Your photography is so beautiful. The tulips and the cake photos are wonderful. Love your header too. Glad to have found your blog!

  3. beautiful tulip shot!

  4. that cake looks delicious!! and love the vibrance in the colors!


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