March 28, 2011

our little grain of sand for Japan

It has been more than two weeks since a devastating earthquake and resulting tsunami swept through northeastern Japan, and many of the country’s citizens have been left without basic necessities like clothing, food, and shelter. 

We at Fournier are donating clothing and toys for the K.I.D.S. Japan Relief Program. When I shared the idea with the knitters in Bolivia, they quickly responded and started packing clothes into bags to be sent to the United States from Bolivia and then to Japan.

Our hearts go out to all the people who lost family and friends in the earthquake and tsunami and wish that our alpaca and cotton clothing will keep the kids warm. 

Letter from the Fournier team in Cochabamba, Bolivia

Over the years the Japanese government has donated millions and millions in aid to Bolivia and now we want to help out and give back to the Japanese people.


  1. This is such a great idea!

  2. Oh Anabel, how beautiful, how wonderful! How heart-warming. You all have big hearts, everyone of you! It's hard to hear about what is still happening there.. now some kids are going to be warm and happy in their new clothing.. Hope you had a good weekend. This is really so incredibly wonderful Anabel!

  3. That is such a wonderful and heartwarming idea and you are so lovely for doing this. Have a nice Monday, my dear


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