March 24, 2011

the art and craft of hand spinning

Hand spinning the old fashion way in Cusco, Peru using a drop-spindle.

I have never tried this and don't think I will try to make my own yarn in the near future, but it is admirable how these women do it without even looking at their hands.

photography by me


  1. wow. these photos are amazing. i wish i knew how to knit.

  2. Great photos!!! I have seen women in both Peru and Thailand spinning wool and it is absolutely amazing!! The knowledge, talent and skill they have is really something to be desired!!


  3. I love your photography too. I would love to travel here and try my hand at spinning wool. It's amazing how they do it without even thinking about it!

  4. I would so love to learn how to spin my own yarn someday </3

    Lovely photos


  5. Wow, that is amazing - are they getting their wool right there and then?
    And the photographs are gorgeous.

  6. wow that is impressive. I really like your photos..

  7. That is cool is it that you captured what I am sure is a dying skill.

  8. I've tried it and it's not easy to get it even - I'm sure they've had lots of practice! I love how they are sitting among the fibre "providers" to work. x

  9. These pictures are so amazing! My mother taught me how to knit one day but I totally forgot how to do it. She knits so fast!

    Anyway, I received your gift and just wanted to let you know how I appreciate your kindness. Thank you again Anabel!

  10. Yes, it is definitely amazing how they do it. They are so precise in their work and then come up with beautiful knitted pieces.
    Maviric, I am thrilled that you liked the baby set!!! It is made from baby llama which is only available in Bolivia at the moment.

  11. You captured these women beautifully. I love the second photo with the llama resting beside the women as they work their magical knitting skills together. Amazing.

    P.S. How was your trip to L.A. a couple weeks ago? Did you get to mosey around downtown?


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