March 31, 2011

pewter flowers {and crochet flowers}

To make this pewter flowers I was inspired by the embroidered flowers on the clothing of indigenous people in Potosi, Bolivia.

March 30, 2011

steamed mussels

My take on the classic recipe steamed mussels... the big bowl of mussels bathed in white wine, olive oil, garlic, tomato and parsley. 

Simple to put together and ready in just minutes.

{The best part} What's left in the bowl after the mussels are gone, the broth that gets sopped up with chunks of crusty bread.

March 29, 2011

spring tulips & a piece of cake {sweet shot tuesday}

{weekend bits}

It might be spring, but baby it's cold outside!!!!
Nothing gets my spring fever going like getting some tulips for the house, especially when it is so cold outside. Hopefully next weekend the weather will cooperate with us so we can go to the Cherry Blossom Festival that kicked off last Saturday.

On Sunday afternoon I baked this delicious coconut cake.
It's a true luxury for me to make this cake because where I lived previously I could not get sweetened coconut. Recipe here {note: I did not use the lemon curd}

icing the cake

some flaked sweetened coconut on top

the first piece is always the hardest to serve...

Sweet Shot Day

March 28, 2011

our little grain of sand for Japan

It has been more than two weeks since a devastating earthquake and resulting tsunami swept through northeastern Japan, and many of the country’s citizens have been left without basic necessities like clothing, food, and shelter. 

We at Fournier are donating clothing and toys for the K.I.D.S. Japan Relief Program. When I shared the idea with the knitters in Bolivia, they quickly responded and started packing clothes into bags to be sent to the United States from Bolivia and then to Japan.

Our hearts go out to all the people who lost family and friends in the earthquake and tsunami and wish that our alpaca and cotton clothing will keep the kids warm. 

Letter from the Fournier team in Cochabamba, Bolivia

Over the years the Japanese government has donated millions and millions in aid to Bolivia and now we want to help out and give back to the Japanese people.

March 24, 2011

the art and craft of hand spinning

Hand spinning the old fashion way in Cusco, Peru using a drop-spindle.

I have never tried this and don't think I will try to make my own yarn in the near future, but it is admirable how these women do it without even looking at their hands.

photography by me

March 22, 2011

plum & raspberry upside down cake

made today

March 21, 2011

at h.d. buttercup

I spent the weekend in Los Angeles with my sister who lived there for two years not long ago. She was also there for a special event so we got to hang out together all weekend.

{H.D. BUTTERCUP} Started by co-founder of ABC Home, Evan Cole, this store sells a huge range of products including many environmentally friendly manufacturers such as Environment, Lilian August, Maison and Twenty Gauge, among others.  
It was built on the site of the old Helms Bakery in Culver City, a landmark in Los Angeles. In it s 150,000 square feet it houses styles from African to Californian mid-Century. The vast selection seems to be well curated with interesting pieces.
Even if you're not looking to buy, HD Buttercup is worth a visit, especially on a rainy day like yesterday.

These are shots of some pieces I liked.

March 17, 2011

for Japan with love

Tomorrow I will be doing something different from my daily post... I will use my blog to join the voices of help for Japan.

Tomorrow I will be participating in the for Japan with Love Bloggers Day of Silence movement to acknowledge and help raise funds and awareness for the tragedy going on in Japan. There will be no post tomorrow.

how you can help
Visit For Japan with Love and donate. The donations will go to Shelter Box an organization working day and night in Japan to help the ones in need.

tweet - tweet
Tweet and Re-Tweet the shiznit out of the link to!

March 16, 2011

crochet + colors for spring

Each crochet bead is made with pima cotton and filled with threads of the same cotton to add weight to the necklace.
The combination of celery green and ecru is perfect for spring... only a few days to start wearing our spring clothes. Looking forward to warmer weather, lighter colors and longer days.

March 15, 2011

llama & sheep pouches

New llama and sheep pouches for next Fall-Winter 2011/12. Hand knit in baby alpaca.

sheep come in latte & ivory

March 11, 2011

at the show in New York

Happy weekend everyone! I just got back from my trip to New York where I was showing my fall-winter 2011/12 collection at Children's Club.
I stayed another couple of days to visit some suppliers and new customers in the city.

kelsey sweater in cranberry baby alpaca

my booth at the show

another look at my booth

baby alpaca sweaters and dresses for girls

March 3, 2011

pink spring

Baby Pink & Dove Gray
Pima Cotton
Spring 2011

Nikki Blanket

Nikki Baby Hat

March 1, 2011

spring collection

Spring is definitely here! and our orders are getting in.
Our Anik sweater has is hand knitted in pima cotton. It has a thick crochet border that is one of my favorite finishes. 

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