February 16, 2011

surprise, surprise for a sweet tooth

Yesterday my friend Chantale surprise me with the sweetest of gifts! She sent me a box full of Whimsy & Spice goodies. Brownies, marshmallows, shortbread cookies, biscotti, sandwich cookies... Just wonderful!
Thank you so much Chantale for such a sweet and thoughtful gift. We are all enjoying them at home.

immaculate packaging

inside the box {yum!}

honey lavender, chocolate orange cardamom and brown sugar gingerspice shortbread

hazelnut whisky sandwich cookies


  1. Some girls have all the luck, uh?
    Just kidding, what a mouthwatering post as well as a nice present.
    Enjoy 'em all, ciao!

  2. Wow, all that inside that box? I'm so glad you guys love them! How can you not?? lol. You've been so sweet to us, this is but a small way for us to say.. we love you. I'm guessing these are almost all gone by now. hehe..

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