February 2, 2011

nautical collection inspiration

Last year when I was designing my Nautical Collection, I was inspired by Costa Rica's beautiful beaches {my home country}. At the time I was living in Bolivia where the nautical themes are not very popular since it is a landlocked country, where if you want to go to the beach you would have to travel to any of the neighboring countries.

I worked with different sizes of crochet needles to get to the perfect weight and width on the crochet chains for the necklaces and bracelets.

Anchors are present in the collection in different sizes. They adorn the linen hats, the tote bags, the key rings and necklaces.
Instead of the classic white, I used khaki to contrast with the navy blue and red.


  1. ooooh crocheting... I have everything ready but so many other things on my list...
    And because I have never done it before I need time and concentration...but I am already busy saving crochet ideas! :)

  2. Pancakes For RecessFebruary 03, 2011

    Oh, my! Your site is BEAUTIFUL!! Such a breath of fresh air. I look forward to reading more:) xo

  3. those are awesome! i wish i knew how to do stuff like that :)

  4. Wow..they look so very beautiful:) Im so impressed! Have a fantastic day, my dear

  5. Thank you girls! Working with these colors and shapes for this SS11 season is a pleasure.


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