February 21, 2011

Mount Vernon Estate {a visit for President's Day}

Yesterday we went to visit Mount Vernon Estate, the home of George and Martha Washington. The estate is located only 16 miles from Washington D.C.
Touring the main house, you learn of the lives of George and Martha Washington while seeing most rooms in the house, including the bedchamber where Washington died. The remainder of the property has several other spots of note including practical buildings of the plantation, and an impressive view of The Potomac River.
Our day was cool but sunny so we enjoyed the hot apple cider and hotcakes served for breakfast {only this weekend}. 
If anything, the tour of Mount Vernon is awe-inspiring just to be where this great man once lived.

Today the Mansion has been restored to its appearance in 1799, the last year of Washington's life.  The house and estate is set in 40 acres.  It's really worth visiting - it's not only interesting, it's also very beautiful.  The home’s high-columned piazza is considered the standout feature of the mansion. It extends the entire length of the house.
The estate has been preserved by the nation’s first womens patriotic organization founded by Miss Pamela Cunningham of South Carolina in 1858 and called the Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association.

Mount Vernon is still a working farm, so you will see farm animals and people working in the fields.

the Eastern facade, facing the Potomac

the washing room

spinning wheel in the slave quarters

The cupola, another notable feature of the mansion, was added in 1778.
Washington added his “dove of peace” weathervane in 1787.

Spinning should go forward with all possible dispatch, as we shall have nothing else to depend upon if these disputes {with England} continue…”
-George Washington, letter to his manager Lund Washington, August 20, 1775

spinning room {one of my favorite rooms}

The Blacksmith Shop, located along Mount Vernon’s North Lane, was essential to the operation of the plantation and an important part of George Washington’s business on the plantation and off.


  1. LOVE the photos! Looked like such a lovely day. My kiddo would love the spinning room, she'd bring up all kinds of questions about Sleeping Beauty. haha! Just looking at the washing room, I wouldn't want to go back in time for all that hard work. lol.

  2. We went several times when I was little: always loved it so...much. Another great trip is to Williamsburg. My only fear these days is that the crowds are overwhelming....But on a spring day it's just gorgeous!

  3. They are absolutely gorgeous photos! I will add this to my list of places to visit when I finally make it to the USA's east coast. Beautiful.

  4. So beautiful. You really did it right! I love the East coast and all of its history. Miss it so! xxxx to you- Emily from EL Vintage

  5. After seeing these photos I would really like to take my 8-year old there. We have been reading about presidents and all the wonderful history related to them. Thanks for this beautiful post!

  6. Great photographs, I visited there with my family when I was little, but these pictures bring it back for me.


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