January 24, 2011

a few from our weekend

Happy Monday everyone! It has been a long cold weekend for us here, but we managed to go out to the cinema and see Tangled on Saturday afternoon. We also started a craft project for Valentine's day. The kids are painting wooden frames for his dad who's been traveling for the last 10 days. Hopefully the will finish them before he comes back home this Friday.

{vegetables for stew}

{crunchy Fuji apple}

{paints + brushes + paper towel}

{Sebastian's frame for daddy's Valentine's gift}

{I love this one!!! Sebastian made a drawing of him and his dad saying I love you to each other. Isn't that cute!!!}

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  1. Love the photos! And yes, that is super duper cute drawing he did for his Papa. Aw... Mm, soup, sandwich and salad look perfect!


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