January 18, 2011

comfort food for an icy day

Last night we got a good coating of sleet and freezing rain at our house. There is a thin sheet of ice on everything. It's not going to warm up too much today so the ice will be here for a while...

So, in the cold of January, a bowl of pasta seems like the perfect comfort food for us.

Ice on the tree outside my front door. I ventured out just once and decided that it would be better to see what I could get from my front door without breaking a leg...
Anyhow, a magnificent sight!

Regular blogging will resume when I've finished my latte! Stay warm and enjoy!


  1. We had something very similar tonight... if we could get some real winter weather now... I am happy :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am so curious, how did you find me.

    I love your photography and your blog! Where were you from in Costa Rica? My sister in law has a house there that she rents and I have a friend from high school that relocated down there. I hear it is a wonderful place and long for a visit!

  3. I love comfort food on a cold day. Your meal looks delicious!

  4. Oh yum! K would eat this up in a second, it looks so good! Ah icy cold.. yes, welcome to the eastern coast. hehe. Hope it's not too bad for you over there..


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