January 31, 2011

bits of the weekend at home

Well, it is the end of January... but I am thrilled to start February in my new home, with lots of new projects in my hands and a plan to go to Los Angeles for a dear friend's wedding in March.
On this busy Monday school has been canceled for a teacher's work day, so I am taking the kids to the Frying Pan Farm for a day visit... probably only a couple of hours because it is very cold outside.

{Daniela cut water bottles and painted them with Crayola paint}

{finished project}

{nothing like a fruit crumble on a chilly day}

{working on new designs}


  1. Pretty colours! I know someone at home who loves those colours too. hehe. Crumble! I'm crazy about crumble.. I just saw a great recipe for it over at Sandyalamode's blog. It's for strawberry crumble.. yum! So glad you're loving your new home. Does it feel awkward right now? or you've all settled nicely?

  2. It looks colorful and like good food!! :)

  3. ooo that peach crumble looks amazing! especially on cold wintery days like today!!


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