December 7, 2010

street images {a celebration}

As seen on my way to La Paz from El Alto last Sunday.


  1. Anabel: These are really wonderful images; I will check back each day to see more.
    You must be SO busy getting ready. Do you go to Costa Rica for Christmas, first? Or straight to D.C.?
    Are the children excited?
    Lots of good luck with the move, I certainly know how hectic it all is!

  2. thank you Libby! I love the colors of the outfits and the hats with the silver trimmings matching some of their shoes.
    We will be home in CR for Christmas, then we'll go to DC. REally looking forward. The kids are very wxcited about the move :-)

  3. beautiful, I love this picture! it makes me nostalgic to go look at all of my mexico pics :)

  4. So colourful and beautiful! The scenery is breathtaking. Just read above and glad to hear that the kids are excited about the move. That's always one of the nerve-wracking parts isn't it?

  5. Wonderful colors and textures!


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