December 1, 2010

ready for fall-winter 2011/12

It has been a week since I was here...
I have been finishing the details on the samples for fall-winter 2011/12, making lookbooks, taking photos, going back and forth from the printers and making sure the samples can leave for Amsterdam next Monday.
I have also been packing because the good news are that we are moving to Washington, DC next January. We are all very excited about the move and change, especially me! I will be coming back to Bolivia frequently but only for work.
Before I leave in 10 days I would like to have a series of postings about people's daily life in Cochabamba. Starting tomorrow!

{fournier fall-winter 2011/12 cards}

{banners hanging in my office this morning}


  1. These are absolutely stunning images! Great collateral Anabel. And congratulations on your move! DC.. wow, more steps closer to Montreal. heehee! You are leaving for DC in 10 days?? Wow, that's fast, non?

  2. Hi Anabel,

    WOW, I love the images so far.
    So you are going to move.
    I wish you and your family well with the move.
    I think that you living in the states will see more people buying your collections.
    meaning you will be there at hand so to speak to be able to share it with the people.
    I'm so pleased that your family is also looking forward to it all.
    Look forward to your coming posts.

    Best Wishes


  3. Wow congratulations! I can't wait to see more :)

  4. Thank you for the good wishes.
    We have been have preparing to move for two months now... but we just found out our new post a few weeks ago.
    It is a great post and we can't wait :-))


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