November 15, 2010

meet our knitters {Elena}

Elena was born in Potosi 59 years ago. She came to Cochabamba eight years ago looking for better opportunities. She has six children: Miguelina {38 years old}, Costa {34 years old}, Isaac {28 years old}, Hilda {25 years old}, Sonia {22 years old}, and Elba {18 years old}.

Elena doesn't speak Spanish, only Quechua, which makes communication with me a bit difficult... but we manage to understand each other. Well, we have managed for the last 6 years that she has been with us. She is a wonderful knitter!

I have never seen Elena without her hat.


  1. Hi Anabel, hope you're doing fine.
    I simply adore your “meet our knitters” series with its amazing portraits. Do you know Quechua is a French brand of outdoor sporty garments? Warm regards, ciao.

  2. and a lovely hat indeed!

  3. How cool that you featured her!


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