November 15, 2010

can we get this party started?

My youngest is seven. A pretty handsome seven year old in my opinion….pretty amazing in many other ways too. He wanted a small party with the boys from his class… a Skull and Cotton Candy party that is.
We always have birthday celebrations {no ifs or buts...}. I adore party planning, big or small, so my husband and I take the task very seriously every year.
On Saturday we all woke up early to bake the cupcakes, cake and marshmallow icing for both {Sebastian's special request}, pizza dough and marinara for the homemade pizzas, brownies, cookies. Luckily, the sun was shining and we could finish all the decorations and cooking before guests arrived.
This year we had only boys and that kept me busy, busy all afternoon... so I could not take as much photos as I wanted.

We went with two colors: white & black {with hints of red}.

the bouncing castle

cotton candy tower

He is seven! We had fun celebrating and I had fun trying playing with the kids. I hope when he looks back at his childhood he’ll remember some of his birthday parties and the love into each of the details of the preparations.


  1. skulls and cotton candy, nice :)
    and cocker spaniel!!!! i love him :) I have one :)

  2. He changed the theme a few times, but skulls were always on the list.
    And the cocker.... That is my Russell. He is so sweet!

  3. What an amazing party! Wow Anabel, you have such creativity and put these parties together so well. My daughter would go nuts for the bouncing castle, she loves those! Your son is a very handsome now 7 year old! He is so lucky to have such an amazing Maman!


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