October 20, 2010


Indigenous women in Bolivia braid their hair in two braids. The ends are fastened by braiding a string in, then tying the string at the end with tassled tullmas.
The tullmas are usually made of wool and sometimes beaded.
I have been collecting beaded tullmas since I first came to Bolivia ten years ago. Some of them I have used to make key rings, napkin rings and trimmings for bags.
The market in Cochabamba has a section where they only sell tullmas in thousands of colors and styles.


  1. I like your cultural lessons

  2. Wow! I *love* your blog! Your cupcakes put my baking endeavors to shame. Divine! I also love the little baby crowns--definitely coming back when looking for gifts for my cousin's baby girl!

  3. wow this is so fascinating! I am swooning over your pretty little blog!


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