October 11, 2010

red velvet

{ FIRST TIME } Red velvet cupcakes with Swiss meringue frosting.

I've had the picture of the perfect red velvet cupcake in my head, but wanted to reduce the red food coloring. Most recipes call for 2 Tablespoons of food coloring and I used only 1/2 teaspoon... so not too red {maybe more like pink velvet?}, but incredibly moist.
Another substitution to the original recipe: I used Swiss meringue instead of the traditional cream cheese frosting, just because I wanted a lighter cupcake.

{Apparently, the signature red color of these cupcakes is because in the old days, the unprocessed cocoa used in the cake turned a red color when combined with the milk}


  1. these look beautiful and delicious!!

  2. Your pictures of them are gorgeous! Thank you for explaining why it's called red velvet! I have always wondered....


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