October 27, 2010

the ballerina

Speaking of tooth fairies, we had her visit last night. My little boy lost another tooth (his third...) yesterday afternoon. I missed out on all the drama because it fell off at school.
His pick to leave the tooth out for the tooth fairy (or Raton Perez as it is known here...) was the Pirate tooth fairy pillow.

Tooth Fairy Collection


  1. the toothfairy pillow is adorable :)

  2. So precious! I love it!

  3. Beautiful! The delicate colors adds a nice soft touch!

  4. this is so beautiful!
    p.s. I passed along The Versatile Blogger award to you! You can read about it on my blog if you so choose to accept it :)

  5. There is a tooth fairy pillow? That is so adorable! Enjoy a lovely weekend, Kellie xx

  6. OMG, soooo cute Anabel, have a blissful Halloween weekend!

  7. thank you. We are very happy with this new collection. Working on the King and a few other friends to join them :-)


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