September 27, 2010

weekend bits

mango smoothie

fresh flowers from the farmer's market

organic cotton swatch for a new project

parsley, tomatoes, garlic, spearmint, green onions for tabouleh

chop, chop & more chopping

tabouleh... almost ready

pita dough

stretching out before baking

...just off the baking stones

a light Sunday night supper

chocolate cake with mocha ganache


  1. Lovely shots. Lovely supper, what time shall I come over? Inspiring blog. I shall be back!

  2. nice photos and I love tabouleh... if it would not need all the cutting I would make it more often!

  3. Oh wow... amazing photos. The tabouleh looks so delicious!

  4. Wow, great supper! I also enjoyed meeting your knitter Sandra (from your last post). It's so nice to see the human side of things.. And of course, they knit the most beautiful products..


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